Urgent Notice to Dog Owners

Failure to Pickup and Properly Dispose of Dog Feces

There has been an increasing amount of dog feces throughout our community this past winter.  

As we begin our Spring Landscaping activities and more workers will be out and working on our grounds it is unpleasant and unhealthy for them to step in dog feces and then have the unfortunate experience for bringing it back into the trailers and vehicles where the sun and heat makes for a noxious environment.

This is not only unsightly but is a health hazard.  The feces pollute our streams and waterways as rains pick up and disperse them throughout the property.

Please take the time now to pick up any feces your dogs may have left that you failed to pickup. Many or our residents and their children and grandchildren will not be happy finding feces stuck to the bottom of their shoes or clothing.

This notice is being shared with Breyer Court whose residents also walk their dogs on our property to enlist their assistance in cleaning up after their dogs.

If we are unable to resolve this issue we will have to institute Pet DNA Testing. This involves getting a sample of your pet’s DNA from swabbing their check. Then when feces are found they are tested, which is very accurate, and the offending owner will be subject to a written violation, our standard fine and the costs of the DNA testing.

Hopefully we can resolve this issue and avoid the DNA testing option.

Thank you for your consideration and assistance in helping to keep Breyer Woods a beautiful and clean place to live.



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