Keypad at the North Gate

Wondering about how the keypad works. You can select any resident by scrolling through the list (only good if the last name begins with 'A' or maybe 'B'), using the keypad to find the name (also a bit slow) or typing in the correct four digit code. But what is that code? The first three digits are the residents address. The fourth digit is a zero for the first phone listed, a one for the second phone listed, etc. (If you have a one digit address, add two zeros after the single digit to get your three digit address. If you have a two digit address, add one zero after your address).

In any of these cases, once the name or code is entered, that resident's phone will ring and they well be able to speak to the person at the keypad. The keypad's phone number will come up as +1 (215) 884-3817. I recommend that you enter that number as North Gate Keypad in your address book so it will be more identifiable. Press 9# to end the call and open the north gate.

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